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Wednesday 21 August, 2019 | RSS Feed

Want to Wear a Black Wedding Dress at Your Wedding?

Adding color to your wedding dress is extremely en vogue, but having a wedding dress of a color other than white, that is avant garde. There is no written rule that your dress must be white or a shade thereof, and they do say, black is slimming!

Wearing a black dress on your wedding day is not something that is seen every day, but even fashionista as Sarah Jessica Parker dared to wear black, so if you make this choice, you are in good fashion company. Obviously if you are a have a Halloween themed wedding or a Gothic wedding, black almost seems a natural choice, but it could be a fun way to play on a black tie event. Maybe your groom would even be willing to wear a white tux. If not, dress your bridesmaids in white to play on the color reversal.

Finding a wedding gown in black may be a challenge, but there are many alternatives. First, don't purchase a traditional gown. Buy a black formal gown to serve as your wedding dress. If you are going black, chances are you are throwing some of tradition out the window. You can find a black evening gown that has many of the same features a wedding gown would have-full skirt, beaded bodice, even a small train. If you don't find anything on the racks of evening gowns, look at bridesmaid's dresses. These, just like wedding gowns come in every style, and unlike wedding gowns come in every color. You may find a bridesmaid dress from wedding gown designer that you like.

If you do find a white wedding gown that you must have, you may be able to have it dyed black. Be sure to speak with a professional. With beading and embroidery, this is certainly not a task you want to take on yourself.

Wearing a black dress is a statement for sure. But rest assured, black is one color that will never go out of style.

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