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Gucci Bags - A Style Statement and a Status Symbol

If you sport a Gucci handbag, it means that you are fashion conscious. It would make many heads turn and you would be looked with envy. A woman carrying a 'GG' handbag is sure to face envious looks from other women. It is similar to men sporting their favorite sports car. A Gucci handbag is definitely a status symbol. It conveys sophistication, style and fashion too. A woman who carries a GG bag is supposed to be a fashion conscious individual who values style and class and also values the Gucci brand. She has high regard for good things life has to offer and is ready to spent a lavish amount for it.

Gucci was born in the year 1921 and with the relentless efforts of the family; it has made a name for itself in the fashion world. Gucci makes a style statement and is style personified. Hollywood celebrities like Grace Kelly and Jackie O were the ones who made the brand popular and well-known by introducing it into Hollywood. During the sixties and seventies, it was the prerogative of only the elite class to possess these. But then came the eighties and Gucci slipped down. This was when Tom Ford the designer came in and with his efforts; Gucci has managed to get back to its top position. There has been no looking back from that time. Gucci has to its credit AC Nielsen's award which is given to a brand which has maintained its top position, thanks to its popularity. Gucci has made its position strong in Europe.

Al the varieties of Gucci are elegantly crafted and special attention is given to craftsmanship and finesse. Thus every piece of Gucci handbag has to its credit superior quality and style and thus Gucci has made it to the top in the fashion industry. The number of styles which are added year after year is evidence that the public expect a lot from this brand. They have something for every class of people and thus the company makes sure that the people get what they desire. Gucci handbags cater to a variety of colors, styles and designs. The colors which are normally preferred are chocolate brown or black. These colors are always in trend and would never go out of style. The adventurous sorts go in for bright colors and ostentatious striped styles. These styles look showy and they are sure to attract eye balls.

When it comes to travel bags, Gucci is the best as far as utility and sophistication are concerned. Gucci travel bags not only look chic and classy but also serve the purpose. GG handbags also suit every outfit perfectly. If you want style and utility, then Gucci is worth every penny spent.