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How Can Men Wear a Pair of UGGs

Let's take a look back at the origin of the boots. U.G.G.s were firstly made and worn by pilots and were call "fug boots" back in 1930s. Who were those pilots? Of course male-gendered members of the air force.

The U.G.G.s were first serving the masculine sex, how come they became the favorite of women and forgotten by the gentlemen?No one can answer now.

But one thing is for sure. That is, men CAN wear those ugly sheepskin snow boots. Those ugly babies are actually uni-sex and can be worn by both genders.

How do men wear them?

The answer is actually very easy. U.G.G.s (for men) can go with jeans, casuals, sports, trousers, and even shorts.

Yes, as a man, you may wear them with whatever you like, same as a woman.

For men, however, there are model limits. Not all U. G. G. models can be worn by men. Some of them are limited to women, such as U. G. G. Bailey Boots.

There are also some color limits for men. Pink, red, raspberry, etc. Those are not suitable for men. Unless, you really don' give a damn.

The recommended models are:Classic Short and Classic Tall.

On what occasions do men wear a pair of U. G. G.?

Men, however, are unlike women who can wear U.G.G.s under almost every kind of occasions. Men can not wear them for business, politics, ceremonies and occasions of the like (Of course, if they are starting a special campaign).

Men can wear U.G.G.s for friends parties, casuals, every walking, home, etc.

If you live in a snowy area, a pair of U.G.G.s would be especially useful and warm.

U.G.G.s are of fashion, protection and are for every one. No matter you are woman, men or child. They can go with jeans, casuals, trousers, sports and even shorts.

Use your imagination so the possibility can be countless.

Men, young and old, western or eastern, black or white, can all wear a pair of U.G.G.s