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Louis Vuitton Online Shopping Check List

When purchasing a handbag from an unlicensed retailer such as on eBay, there are certain criteria necessary. First is an adequate picture gallery. All these picture angles should be on display:

* Handbag front. * Handbag back. * Handbag base. * Handbag interior. * Handbag interior label. * (If it is a used bag) A picture of any damage or wear. * Hardware stamps (Markings on buttons/snaps etc). * Zipper/zipper pulls * A picture of serial number/date code.

Specific details about Louis V. handbags should be thoroughly scrutinized. If anything is out of place, or if the detail being searched for is in an area of the handbag not on display in any one of the pictures, then an email to the seller is a must, requesting the unseen area of the handbag. It is a big red flag if the buyer refuses to send the pictures. It would be reasonable to infer that the motivation behind that would be that the seller is hiding something.

This is a common tactic by many of the counterfeit sellers online. The "stock photo" trick. A seller that is peddling fake Louis Vuitton online, may actually be displaying authentic Louis V. photos from their retail website. A simple right click, copy, save as, and the unscrupulous seller has an original photo of an authentic handbag. Then it is simply uploaded into their listing and, viola, real pictures of fake bags. So how do you avoid this scam? By doing a little investigating on the seller's listing and profile. If this seller with shiny, perfect, professional photos in their listing, has a low quality overall listing design (template), no eBay store, bad item description, bad grammar and spelling errors, confusing and vague sentences and thoughts etc, but is displaying excellent, professional pictures of the handbag, then take extra caution. In this case, I would request a picture via email of one of the hidden areas of the bag, and naturally if the picture is not consistent with the stock-like photos, then move on. Good luck and safe shopping!