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Maintain the Luminous Look of Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver could be employed in the creation of any type of gems, including pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings which could be worn on both informal and special occasions. Sterling silver jewelry has gained popularity among a good number of people and this is attributed to its attractive appearance just like any precious metal, its elegant designs as well as its affordability.

To ensure that your sterling silver jewelry remains flawlessly gleaming and bright, it is essential to keep it clean. As time passes by, your jewelry tends to slowly lose their sparkly touch due to oxidation, which makes them appear darker. Preventive maintenance is one simple way of decelerating the rate of oxidation as well as keeping your jewelry appearing great. When not using your jewelry, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight as well as harsh substances like chlorine. Exposure to makeup, perspiration, cologne, and hair sprays should be prevented as these elements take color off your jewelry.

Keeping the jewelry in a box safe, or sealed polyethylene bags, or closed areas ensures they are safe from damp conditions which accelerate tarnishing. Avoid using boxes made from wood or placing the jewelry near latex gloves, rubber bands, and wool, as these elements increase the rate of tarnishing. Most of us forget to wipe and polish our sterling silver jewelry with a clean cloth after wearing them. If wiping is done using jewelry cleaning cloth, the outcome is a lot superior and long lasting than using ordinary cloths.

It is important to occasionally wash your jewelry using warm water and mild detergent. This is a fast and simple technique of preventing tarnishing as well as getting rid of any fingerprints or makeup stains off your jewelry. The use of household products such as a toothbrush and toothpaste is another great method applied in cleaning sterling silver jewelry. Another method used to get rid of dirt and oxides from your jewelry would be placing them in potato water. Keep in mind that after you are done washing or cleaning your sterling silver jewelry with any of the above techniques, you must rinse them using clean water and completely dry them.

Many jewelry lovers have a collection of jewelry. Even though the jewelry may be old, it is important to take care of them. This ensures that they maintain their original sparkling and shiny look.